Workspace  RS32

We offer refugees Ukrainian creatives of all disciplines with co-working space

We are looking for creative, nice, open-minded people from Ravensburg and the surrounding area who would like to work in a modern shared office. The office is away from the hustle and bustle, in a cross street to Grünen-Turm-Straße.

Haw we can help:


first Contact

You can contact uns via mail or phone. Use our contact form. Let us know about your background and situation today. What do you want to do and what kind of needs you have.


Meet & Greet

Let's have a coffe, tee or a cold drink together. We speak several languages include russian. We can show yo the space and your table. Together we check haw we can help you.


Get a Table

After our meet and greet we go through our contract and sign it together. Our first offer is for three month without rent, only with a smal deposite for insurence and the key.

we offer for you:

fast internet.
best coffee.
big table.
nice people


get connected!

we have to make an effort, we have to look for strength within ourselves, we have to break the endless circle of hate and in this moment respond to hate with love. for a better world.